In the beginning

The Bible is very clear that this universe does not exist by chance. It is not the result of some cosmic accident which means that our lives have no lasting value. Men and women exist because a benevolent divine being made a place for them to live. At the time this God did not say why He did this, but throughout the Bible we discover that our Creator God has always been looking for a family which values a close relationship with Him.

We can be confident that we are the reason He made the whole universe (a place for us to live) because later He told the Israelites that He had worked for six days and then rested for one in order to set mankind a good example on how to order our work/rest balance. He was powerful enough to have created everything fully formed in an instant, but He slowed down because He wanted the best for us.

The Bible says that when He was about to start His rest, He looked at His work and said it was very good. This was not just moral goodness, but He was describing its design and structure as well. However He did not call it “perfect”, just “very good” - why might that have been? Our Creator faced a dilemma; He could either design us in such a way that we would always do what He desired us to do - but then we would have been robots - or He could give us enough free will to allow us to choose to do the good He wanted us to do. Allowing us the opportunity to choose to follow His lead is the only way He could provide us with the freedom to love Him. He could have created us without that choice, but He wanted something better for us and for Himself!

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