These pages are an introduction to whole-hearted Christianity. The first section looks briefly at why belief in Jesus Christ remains relevant in increasingly secular western societies, and in cultures which long ago chose to worship alternative gods. It also explains why only some people will find this message of help to them. Finally, it shows how the Bible can help anyone who wants to know the truth.

The second section sets out why every human being has a continuing problem in the way they relate to others as well as to their creator God. It goes on to tell how, having always been aware that this would be the case, this God had prepared in advance a means of rescuing us from our self-inflicted woes. However, just as He never forced anyone to love Him originally, even with His salvage plan in place He leaves us to choose whether or not we avail ourselves of it.

The final section is for the benefit of those who have begun to respond to the call of this redeeming God and want to know the best way of starting to get to know Him. It highlights essential attitudes and initial practical steps for new disciples of Jesus Christ.

Most of the quotations used are taken from the New King James translation of the Bible. References are not given in the text but as a list in the appendix, along with a catalogue of Old Testament passages which point forward to the life and death of Jesus Christ and His return to rule in the future. You will find that on the whole I do not quote single verses, but whole passages. This is because it is always important to read any statement in the Bible in its context - too many people pick phrases out of it, running the risk of not understanding them at all.

Finally, a catalyst for setting out on this project was to look again at a booklet called “Journey into Life,” written by Norman Warren. I first came across this in the 1970's and it remains a best seller today. However, in its original format it does not relate to the intermediate decades of change in western countries, especially with regard to the increase in secular thinking. It is also written in a way which makes it attractive to as many evangelical traditions as possible. Consequently, some of the essential aspects of the Gospel and the most helpful first steps for new believers are not included. But I am thankful for it prompting me to write down things which I have learned over the last forty years of walking on the Way which I seek to encourage others to take.

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